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On November 2, 2011, the new Wakea Street interchange opened in Kapolei. Among those celebrating with Rep. Har are Gov. Abercrombie and officials from the Dept. of Transportation.

As a 15 year resident of Kapolei, I have a vested interest in fulfilling the vision created for our community to be the next great city - - a safe place where we can live, work, play, and raise our families. We are the fastest growing district in the State of Hawaii. While our community has grown and flourished, we have witnessed the downside to such rapid growth including traffic, crime, overcrowded schools, lack of infrastructure and economic growth which have undoubtedly impacted our quality of life here in West Oahu. I know the challenges we face and have worked deliberately and thoughtfully to resolve these issues.

Makakilo resident Uncle Shad Kane was honored on March 4, 2011 by Rep. Har and the House of Representatives for his many contributions to the Hawaiian Community.

As your representative to the Hawaii State House of Representatives since 2006, I have worked collaboratively with my colleagues in the House, Senate, and the executive branch to address the specific needs of our community. Lack of infrastructure has been a major issue for us. Accordingly, as a member of the Finance Committee, I urged my colleagues to support the fastest growing district in Hawaii by appropriating capital improvements projects (CIP) funding, or infrastructure funds, into our district. Since the time I took office in 2006, I am proud that our community has received over $446 million.

My number one priority upon being elected in 2006 was the construction of the University of Hawaii @ West Oahu (UHWO), which government has promised for our community since the 1960's. As a member of the FInance Committee, I fought for and secured $190 million for the construction of the campus and now, six years later, the doors will be open on August 20, 2012. Since the time I took office, I have helped secure more than $712 million in infrastructure funds including funds for new roads and schools.

I have enjoyed meeting and learning from our residents during my community talk story sessions. Through our surveys and correspondence, I continue to refine my understanding about the issues facing residents of the 40th District. It is essential, particularly at this critical time while we are in our growth phase, to have an advocate in the state legislature who knows our district, understands the legal and social issues we face moving forward, is willing to speak up on behalf of our citizens, and who is able to separate the issues from the political agendas that try to define them.

Rep. Har's family celebrates with her on opening day of the 2011 Legislature.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your state representative over the past six years. While we have accomplished much in a short time, there is still much work ahead of us. I humbly ask for your support in 2012 so that I can return to the State House as your representative. I hope you will continue to join me in the journey we started four years ago.

Malama Pono,
Sharon Har